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Successful women have a great deal of responsibility and require an organized workspace to keep them on track. A desk is an essential tool for any successful woman, as it should be both practical and inspiring. It should be a place of productivity and creativity, which is why it’s important that the right items are on her desk. 

As a successful woman, I know the importance of staying organized and on top of every task. My desk is my command center; it’s where I manage my life and accomplish great things and to make sure I always have the resources I need, there are nine must-have items that are non-negotiable for me to have on my desk.

A balm for soft lips

Lip balm is an essential item on my desk, as I’m often engaging in meaningful conversations and need to be prepared! My lip balm of choice is always enriched with natural, nourishing ingredients that keep my lips feeling moisturized and soft throughout the day. It’s also perfect for managing the occasional chapped lips, which can be a distraction during important conversations.

A red light therapy panel for mental clarity

My desk wouldn’t be complete without a red light therapy panel. This incredible device is a must-have for any successful woman because it helps to boost productivity, mental clarity, and physical energy. Not only does it help me stay focused on the tasks at hand, but it also provides a gentle boost of energy throughout the day. The red light therapy panel truly helps me stay sharp and productive.

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A vegan cream for soft hands/ for those intense-typo-hands

It’s essential for a successful woman to keep her hands soft and hydrated, which is why I always have some eco-friendly hand cream on my desk. The thick, creamy texture of my chosen hand cream helps to replenish the skin and keep it from drying out during long work days.

Some CBD for focus

CBD for focus is another must-have item on my desk. It helps me stay focused and productive throughout the day, without any of the unpleasant side effects of traditional stimulants. It’s also a great way to manage stress, which can make all the difference when it comes to staying ahead of the game.

A planner to stay organized

My planner and notebook are essential items that I need to keep track of my appointments, ideas, and tasks. The tactile sensation of flipping through paper pages and writing down my thoughts helps to keep me focused and inspired. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, these tools help me make sense of chaotic days.

Your favorite books for inspiration

No successful woman’s desk would be complete without books. These are sources of knowledge, inspiration, and comfort that help me stay motivated and inspired. I always have my favorite books on hand, as they provide me with the motivation and energy needed to achieve my goals. They also serve as a reminder that I can, and will, succeed!

Mug warmer & cooling for recharge

A mug warmer is great for drinks I enjoy hot, as I like to savor it slowly while I work. And when I need a refreshing cool down, the cooling mug is perfect for keeping my favorite iced drinks cold. Both are great way to give myself a moment to relax and recharge in between tasks as I take on the day.

Some lip paint for extra confidence

As a professional, I often find myself in meetings and other important conversations. To make sure I always look polished, I keep some lip paint on my desk. Its vibrant color and nourishing formula helps to keep lips looking luscious, without having to worry about smudging or fading. It’s a small but significant detail that helps me look confident and put-together.

A candle to set the tone

I always make sure to keep a soothing candle near my desk. Not only does its calming scent help me to stay focused, but it also provides a moment of respite when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It’s the perfect way to take a few moments of relaxation and come back feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the workday.

A vegan body deodorant for extra “freshness”

Having a trusty deodorant on my desk is an absolute must. It helps me stay feeling refreshed and confident throughout the day, no matter how many meetings or tasks I have to take on.  It’s a small thing that goes a long way in making sure I’m always looking and feeling my best.

A laptop stand for ergonomics-sake

My laptop stand is essential for keeping me comfortable and productive throughout the day. It helps to keep my posture in check as I work, while also keeping my laptop raised to the perfect height for typing. It’s a great way to make sure I’m working in ergonomically correct conditions, so I can stay focused and productive for longer.

A pair of blue-light blocking glasses for productivity and comfort

Blue-light blocking glasses are another must-have item on my desk. They help to protect my eyes from the harsh blue light emitted by my computer and other devices, while also helping to prevent headaches or eye strain. With these glasses, I can work for longer hours without sacrificing my comfort or productivity.

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