The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy Devices—A Vellgus Red Light Review

If you are into health and wellness, you have probably heard about red light therapy from influencers on social media, celebrities, and podcasts. As someone who used to be a tanning booth girl in high school, the idea of exposing myself to artificial lights again was not something that I wanted to do. However, when a friend lent me a red light mat to support my immune system, I really enjoyed it – so I chose to look more into the science behind it.

Red light therapy, sometimes called photobiomodulation, simulates sunlight through red and near-infrared bulbs. The technology was developed by NASA in the ‘80s for driving photosynthesis in plants, and it similarly works on humans by shining light particles (photons) onto your skin. Once your body absorbs these photons, it converts them into energy, encouraging your cells to regenerate and heal. The light also penetrates tissue and muscles to aid recovery, reduce inflammation, and more.

Red light therapy stimulates “the production of collagen, which can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce inflammation, which can help ease muscle and joint pain,” writes Space B.A.R. Wellness, a boutique recovery gym in Pasadena, California. The holistic wellness center has a red light room clients can book.

Red light also improves both mood and energy by activating the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and endorphins, they explain on their website. Clinical studies have shown red light to reduce oxidative stress and improve cellular respiration, allowing the body to make and use ATP energy more efficiently.

Stuides Show Red Light Improves Both Mood, Energy and Reduces Oxidative Stress.

While going to a wellness center to try red light sounded intriguing, I decided to try two at-home portable red light devices from Vellgus Red Light, A Florida based company: the Vellgus Mini and Vellgus Elite devices.

The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy Devices—A Vellgus Red Light Review

Vellgus Red Light uses medical-grade 5W LEDs (the highest available on the market), and they are trusted by medical professionals to deliver safe at-home treatments—the brand is FDA and third-party independently tested. Starting at $399, the pricing is also more affordable than other leading brands, though any red light device is still quite the investment.

vellgus Red light mini

Both devices arrived quickly with eye protection and a charging cord. I’ve been using them for about five weeks now, around three times per week for 10 to 15 minutes each time.

The setup of each device was a easy—I placed the Vellgus Mini on my nightstand and the Vellgus Elite at the base of my yoga mat. I began with testing the Vellgus Elite since it’s the larger of the two devices and has three light options: Red light, infrared light, and combo. It also has a 15-minute timer mode, though it will run continuously if you prefer.

Vellgus Elite

For my first session, I removed clothing to prepare for the treatment—red light does not go through fabric items and many people prefer using it in the nude. To relax, I set a timer which ran for 15 minutes alongside some soothing music. Vellgus Red Light recommends using their devices everyday without any ramp-up period and 2 to 3 times daily if treating problem areas. The device should be placed 6 to 18 inches away from the body during sessions, which can last between 10 and 20 minutes.

At first, it felt a bit funny since the device is only 12 inches tall and offers targeted treatments. When I’d move into different yoga poses, I’d move out of the light; thus. I discovered, for this particular device, it was best to sit still and meditate in the light for it to do its work! Moreover, Vellgus Elite comes with pulley and hanging cable and I could hang it on the door to get targeted areas as neck, thyroid glad and hair.

The device has been excellent for transitioning from work into my evening, and I’ve found it gives me an energy boost and helps me to destress from the day. What has been most surprising, though, and what I didn’t expect, is that I have gravitated to the smaller of the two devices—the Vellgs Mini—for daily use. Another surprise? I use it to help me fall asleep.

I assumed I would find red light useful for waking up and recharging on winter days, but instead, my body loves this tiny device (at 5.75 inches tall and sits perfectly on my nightstand) to wind down and calm my nervous system before naps or at night. I love it so much that I even travel with it and use it on vacations.

According to Vellgus Red Light, research shows that red light can “improve sleep quality and duration, and help people produce more of their own melatonin—also known as the sleep hormone.” This has definitely been the case for me. I put the light on its timer, turn on my breathing app, and get the best sleep. It’s been a definite game-changer for this benefit alone.

As to all of the other benefits? I can definitely feel that my skin has a bit more vibrancy to it, and I know that I have been sleeping better, dealing with less stress, and able to react better since using the Vellgus Red Light. It’s clear that red light therapy is here to stay—at least for me!

I plan to keep using red light devices as part of my regular wellness routine as we transition to spring and summer. I’ll be excited to see if I notice more benefits with more consistent use, and while I don’t think every trend is all it’s hyped up to be in the wellness world, this one has my attention.

I’m not sure I’ve noticed a reduction in facial lines yet, though I feel like my skin has looked healthier this winter (perhaps because of the better sleep). I haven’t fallen sick yet, either (fingers crossed)—which I usually do in the first few months of the year—so maybe the red light has boosted my immunity. Either way, I’ll take it.


Red light therapy, sometimes called photobiomodulation, simulates sunlight through red and near-infrared bulbs. It can help with healing, improve your mood and energy, and regulate sleep.

Vellgus Red Light is based in Jacksonville, Florida and uses medical-grade LEDs (the highest available on the market 5W) for its three at-home, portable red light devices.

The brand is FDA and third-party independently tested. They offer free shipping in the US, Canada and with international shipping options, 1 to 3 years warranty on devices, and a 30-day free trial.

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