18 Bathroom Items To Invest In Before You Turn 30

Ah, the big 3-0. For most of us that means taking a step back from our younger years and getting serious about adulthood. That includes turning our mindset to investing in one of the most important rooms in the house—the bathroom. After all, the bathroom is where you start and end your day—it’s worth a few upgrades. And whether you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom before the big 3-0, or even just spruce it up a bit, here are 18 must-have bathroom items that should be on your list. From luxury towels and mats to mirrors and organizers, this list covers the basics and more.

Towel Warmer

Making it a priority to invest in a towel warmer may just be the best thing you do for your bathroom. Not only will it keep your towels warm, but it will give you a spa-like experience after a hot shower or bath.

Bamboo Bath Tub Tray

Bamboo bath tray is the perfect accessory for those who want to indulge in a luxurious experience from the comfort of their bathroom. Not only does this tray offer a convenient spot for books, beverages, and other items you may need while bathing, but it also looks beautiful with its stylish design.

Leaning Towel Rack

If you’re looking for an efficient way to store your towels, a leaning rack is the perfect solution. Not only can you display decorative towels, but it also helps save space in the bathroom. It’s also a great way to make sure your towels are always within reach!

Toilet Paper Stocker

Who knew that having a toilet paper stocker could make such a difference? With this device, you can easily store extra rolls of toilet paper and keep them within reach whenever you need them. It also provides a great way to display decorative toilet paper and keep your bathroom looking organized.

LED Light Therapy Panel

If you’re looking for a way to relax and unwind after a long day, look no further than an LED light therapy panel. This device emits soft, soothing lights that are designed to promote relaxation and help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. Not only will it help you relax, but the unique design of this panel is sure to add a touch of style and sophistication to your bathroom.

Voice Control Vanity Makeup Mirror

This voice control vanity makeup mirror is the perfect companion for your 30th birthday! Just say the word and you can easily adjust brightness, get a hands-free call, and even stream music while you’re getting ready. Plus, the 5W USB charging port is perfect for keeping your gadgets charged so you’re always ready for your next adventure.


Organizers can help you reclaim your bathroom from chaos! From hanging shelves to drawer organizers, these items will help you keep all of your toiletries and other items in a neat, organized fashion. Plus, they come in a variety of styles so you can find the perfect one to match your bathroom’s aesthetic. Get organized today and make your life easier!


Headbands are an essential part of every woman’s bathroom! Keep your locks in check with a stylish headband that’ll help you look polished and put together. Whether you’re rocking a sleek top knot or just need something to hold your hair back while you apply makeup, headbands are the perfect accessory to keep your chic look going.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup brush cleaner is the perfect addition to your bathroom before you turn 30. Not only does it ensure that your brushes are sanitized and free of bacteria, but it also helps to extend the life of your brushes. Make sure you keep your makeup brushes clean and germ-free with this must-have bathroom item!

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a must-have for all the beauty enthusiasts out there who want to keep their skin looking and feeling fresh! Not only does regular dry brushing help to reduce stubborn cellulite and promote circulation, but it also helps to give you a beautiful glow. A little bit of daily dry brushing is all you need to keep your skin looking its best.

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Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t love a warm bubble bath after a long day? With a luxurious bubble bath, you can pamper yourself and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Choose your favorite scent and enjoy the soothing bubbles as you relax in the tub. Bubble baths are a great way to treat yourself, so don’t forget to add this great item to your bathroom before you turn 30!

Facial Steamers

Facial steamers are a great way to relax and unclog your pores for a deeper, more thorough cleanse. Besides lifting dirt and impurities from the skin, they also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom experience.

Bath & Shower Mat

A good quality bath mat is essential for keeping your bathroom floors dry and free from slips and falls. Investing in a high-quality bath mat with quick-drying properties is a great way to keep your bathroom safe and comfortable. Additionally, adding a shower mat to your bathing area will help prevent slipping and provide additional cushioning.

Shower Head

A high-quality shower head can really turn a mundane shower into an experience. Whether you are looking for a relaxing rain shower or a powerful massage spray, a shower head with adjustable pressure and a few special features can make all the difference.


Investing in high-quality towels is essential for having a luxurious bathroom experience. Splurge on some thick, fluffy towels with moisture-wicking properties and you’ll never look back.

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Choose one with soft, luxurious fabric and you’ll feel like a million bucks every time you step out of the shower. A waffle robe is the perfect way to cozy up after cleansing and ensures you stay warm and comfortable all day long.

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Natural Soaps & Lotions

When it comes to bathroom essentials, natural soaps and lotions are a must. Natural ingredients like essential oils and plant extracts can nourish your skin and give you the perfect pampering experience. Plus, they come in a variety of scents so you can switch up your routine whenever you want.


Investing in a good quality room fragrance is an easy way to make your bathroom smell divine. Choose one with natural ingredients and you’ll be giving your senses a treat every time you step into the bathroom. Adding a luxurious scented candle can also add a touch of ambiance and make your bathroom feel extra special.

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