The 4 Secrets of Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is a therapy without drugs and without any other external means, in which the patient uses only the power of his own mind, triggering what is called the “Placebo effect”. In this therapy, the mind simply commands the body and psyche to experience certain positive phenomena, such as healing, maintaining health, improving the inner state, etc., and the other structures of the being execute this command. It involves finding a sentence or a phrase that suits us and saying it internally or, if we feel the need, out loud, daily. The areas where autosuggestion therapy can be applied is practically unlimited, being able to favorably influence any important aspect of our lives. With the help of autosuggestion, we can heal from a series of more or less serious diseases. Also, with the help of autosuggestion we can heal our psyche from depression, all kinds of anxieties, or panic attacks. Also, through autosuggestion we can improve our interpersonal relationships.

The 4 secrets of autosuggestion:

1. The suggestion must be simple!

The suggestion we choose to say every day must be short and to the point, the subconscious being much more receptive to simple things. It is much more effective to focus on the final result, simply saying: “I feel better and better!”.

2. Eliminating negations from the suggestion

The subconscious is that part of our mind that we are not aware of, but which is very receptive to suggestions, has a colossal force, and does not know negations. So, if we want – for example – to change our character for the better, to strictly avoid self-suggestions that start with NO, like “Don’t make me angry anymore, whatever happens!” – it is much more the effective and better to say “I am calm, more and more calm!”.

3. Avoid specifying too much!

The subconscious discovers on its own the ways to take us where we want to be and that’s why there is no need to explain to it in great detail what it has to do or what steps need to be taken. It is more effective to aim directly towards the end of the action or what we really want.

4. It involves a lot of positive emotion when you autosuggest yourself!

The words we use should evoke good and strong, sincere feelings. In other words, the words must come from the depths of our soul, if we want them to have real force.