Where Do Virgos Like To Be Touched: 7 Tips On How To Make Them Ask For More

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Virgo is an astrological sign known for being analytical and highly organized. They’re often independent and have a deep appreciation for order, beauty, and precision. While Virgos may be difficult to read at times, they also enjoy physical connection with their partners. Knowing where they like to be touched can be a great way to build intimacy and have a deeper connection with your Virgo partner.

Where Virgos Like To Be Touched

The Back

Virgos love to be touched on their backs. Not only does it provide a relaxing feeling, but also prompts the release of endorphins that help them feel energized and ready to take on any challenge. Their backs can also be sensitive spots for certain kinds of massage, so don’t forget to give them a good back rub every now and then.

The Neck

Virgos enjoy having their neck touched as it’s an area that can be quite sensitive for them. Soft kisses along their neck will send shivers down their spine and have them feeling relaxed in no time. For an even deeper level of relaxation, massage their neck with light pressure and soothing strokes.

The Feet

Nothing says ‘relax’ like a foot massage! Virgos love having their feet rubbed as it helps them to unwind after a long day. Make sure you pay special attention to the areas between and around their toes – they will really appreciate it.

The Hands

Virgos take great pleasure in feeling the warmth of another person’s hands on theirs. A gentle handholding session or some simple palm-pressing can be just what they need to feel more connected and secure. Lightly caressing fingers or playing with knuckles are also great ways to show affection.

The Shoulders

Virgos tend to carry a lot of tension in their shoulders, so a massage can really help to undo all that stress. Alternatively, lightly running your fingertips along their shoulder blades can also be immensely soothing and comforting.

The Ears

Touching the ears of a Virgo is a great way to show them how much you care about them. Lightly stroke or tickle behind the ears, as this will make them feel incredibly loved and secure. Whispering sweet nothings into their ear will also leave them feeling contented.

The Hair

Virgos adore having their hair touched. Whether it’s tugging, twirling, or running your fingers through their locks – they will definitely appreciate it. Hair stroking can also be a way to express endearment and intimacy without having to say anything out loud.

Types of Touch Preferred by Virgos

The Sensitive Touch of Virgos

Virgos are an analytical sign, but they also need touch for emotional connection. They prefer a gentle, comforting touch that can help them relax and feel secure in the relationship. Virgos enjoy physical contact that is slow and meaningful, giving them time to process their feelings and connect with their partner on an intimate level.

The Romantic Touch of Virgos

Virgo’s desire for security extends into the realm of romance as well. They like romantic touches such as holding hands, cuddling, or even giving long hugs—all designed to deepen the connection between two people. A loving caress or kiss on the forehead is always appreciated by a Virgo.

The Affectionate Touch of Virgos

Virgos have a strong need for physical affection and love to receive gentle touches such as strokes on the arm or back, light kisses, and tender hugs. This type of touch helps them feel loved and connected to their partner in a meaningful way.

The Protective Touch of Virgos

Virgos also appreciate when their partners show that they care by offering protection through touch. A hand held tightly when walking together or an embrace during difficult times lets them know that everything is going to be okay. Protecting each other is an important part of any relationship for a Virgo, and they love feeling secure with their partner’s support.

The Firm Touch of Virgos

Virgos like to feel grounded and in control, so they prefer a firm touch when it comes to physical contact. A handshake or pat on the back is an appropriate form of touch for a Virgo, as it gives them a sense of security without seeming too intimate or overwhelming.

The Sensual Touch of Virgos

When in a trusting relationship with their partner, Virgos may enjoy some sensual touching such as light caresses or massages. They appreciate when their partner takes the time to explore their body and let them know how special they are. For Virgos, these types of touches can be incredibly romantic and help foster intimacy between two people.

The Touch of Support from Virgos

Virgos are very loyal and supportive partners, so they also like to offer physical support through touch when their partner needs it. A hug or tender embrace can be comforting for a Virgo in times of distress, letting them know that their partner is there for them no matter what. This type of touch helps build trust and foster connection, both essential components of any relationship.

Tips for Pleasing Your Virgo Partner

Set the Mood with Music and Scented Candles

Soft, romantic music and scented candles will get your Virgo partner in a sensual mood. Plan an intimate evening and let your partner know you’re there to please them—and only them—for the night.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere with Soft Lighting

Dimmed lights can create a cozy atmosphere for your Virgo mate that promotes relaxation and intimacy. Choose warm lighting to set just the right tone for getting close to your partner—physically and emotionally.

Show Your Genuine Appreciation and Admiration

It’s important to show your Virgo partner that you truly appreciate them for who they are and all the wonderful qualities they possess. Let them know how much you admire their intelligence, strength, loyalty, and overall dependability.

Be Sensitive to Their Needs and Desires

A sure way to please a Virgo lover is by being sensitive to their needs as well as their desires. Take interest in what makes them tick mentally and sexually—and then cater to those things!

Take the Time to Talk About Their Day

Ask your Virgo partner about how their day went—including any obstacles or challenges they faced. Showing genuine concern and interest in their day-to-day life will let them know you care about more than just the physical aspect of your relationship.

Show Your Commitment Through Small Gestures

Even simple gestures like bringing home flowers or making breakfast for your Virgo lover can show that you’re committed to pleasing them. Let your partner know that you value all aspects of the relationship—including making sure it lasts!

Lavish Attention on Them Now and Then

Every now and then, surprise your Virgo mate with something special—like a romantic getaway or a night out on the town. Taking extra effort to make sure they feel loved and appreciated will go a long way in pleasing your Virgo partner.

Why It’s Important To Know Where Virgos Like To Be Touched

Understanding where Virgos like to be touched is key for building a successful connection with them. When it comes to physical contact, Virgos tend to have very specific preferences that should be taken into account in order to make them feel comfortable and secure. While they may not enjoy being touched all over their bodies, they do appreciate a gentle caress on their hands, arms, and face. A light touch on the back or shoulders is also welcomed by Virgos as it helps to create a feeling of security and safety.

Although Virgos can become uncomfortable if touched too often, they still appreciate affection in other forms such as hand-holding and cuddling. It is important to be mindful of their boundaries and to respect their need for space. Additionally, Virgos also enjoy tender words of encouragement and compliments that make them feel valued and appreciated. Knowing where they like to be touched can help foster a strong connection with your Virgo partner, making it easier for both parties involved to open up emotionally and build a strong bond.

Knowing where Virgos like to be touched is an important factor in building a strong and successful connection with them. Respect for their boundaries, as well as thoughtful gestures of affection, are the key ingredients for creating a strong and lasting bond with your Virgo partner.


What turns on a Virgo in bed?

Virgos tend to be quite reserved and shy when it comes to expressing their desires in the bedroom. However, they can be aroused by thoughtful and gentle foreplay. They love sensuality, so slow and delicate touch, romantic words, and intense eye contact can all set the mood for a passionate encounter. Creativity is also a turn-on – Virgos will enjoy trying out new positions or roleplaying scenarios that allow them to express themselves fully in the moment. Ultimately, what turns a Virgo in bed is understanding their needs and being willing to create an intimate connection through trust and communication.

What is the secret desire of Virgo?

The secret desire of Virgos is to lead a life of meaning and purpose, which often translates into striving for excellence in all areas. They are ambitious and want to make an impact on the world through their hard work and dedication. Virgos also crave stability, comfort, and security – they need to feel in control of their lives to be truly happy. Ultimately, Virgos secretly yearn for emotional connections that fulfill both their intellectual desires as well as their need for physical intimacy.

What makes Virgo attractive?

Virgos are incredibly attractive due to their intelligence, wit, and analytical nature. They also have a magnetic charm that draws people in – their sharp minds and impeccable taste make them an impressive conversationalist. Furthermore, Virgos’ thoughtfulness and attention to detail show that they truly care about the people around them. Ultimately, it’s their ability to combine intelligence with kindness that makes Virgos so irresistible.

What is the ideal gift for a Virgo?

The ideal gift for a Virgo would be something thoughtful and practical – they love useful items that can help improve their lives in some way. Books or items related to hobbies are also great gifts as they tend to appreciate items that have a personal significance. Virgos also love sentimental gifts, so handmade items or homemade treats would be sure to please. Ultimately, the best gift for a Virgo is something that shows you know and care about them on a deeper level.

Where does a Virgo like to be kissed?

Virgos are very sensitive and enjoy being kissed with gentle warmth. They love feeling a deep connection through physical affection, so tender caresses on the neck and ears can be especially arousing. Virgos also have an affinity for back rubs and massages – they appreciate when their partner takes the time to make them feel relaxed and cherished. Ultimately, what Virgos desire most is to receive kisses that demonstrate genuine feelings of care and love.

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