What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off


Pisces men can be mysterious. They are often attracted to those that pique their interest and have the ability to keep them guessing. Unfortunately, this same trait can sometimes lead to a Pisces man pulling back and becoming distant. If you’re in a relationship with a Pisces man and he’s suddenly backed off, it can be extremely confusing.


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Why a Pisces man might back off in a relationship

He’s Afraid of His Feelings

The Pisces man is ruled by his emotions. When he’s in a relationship, he wants to feel deeply connected with his partner and be able to express his feelings without judgment. However, when he feels too vulnerable or overwhelmed by strong emotions, he may back off instead of facing them head on. He is a sensitive soul who needs understanding and patience to process his feelings and stay in the relationship. Once he feels secure, he’ll open up and express his true self.

He’s Trying to Protect Himself

A Pisces man may be guarding his heart from getting too attached and instead of being vulnerable, he chooses to take a step back. He may be scared of getting hurt or feeling rejected, so he plays it safe and keeps his distance. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay safe, but it’s important for him to open up and not be afraid of taking risks. With the right partner, a Pisces man can slowly start to let down his walls and truly embrace love.

He’s Feeling Overwhelmed

A Pisces man’s emotions can be deep and complex, and it’s possible he may need some alone time to process them. He’s gentle and sensitive, so a feeling of being overwhelmed in the intensity of a relationship can cause him to feel like he needs a bit of a break. When he’s ready, he’ll be back, stronger and more secure than ever. He’s not one to run away from his feelings; he just needs a bit of time to figure things out. Trust that he’ll come back when he’s ready.

He’s Experiencing Emotional Turmoil

A Pisces man might back off in a relationship because they can become overwhelmed with the intensity of their emotions and often feel like their heart is in too deep. They don’t want to hurt anyone, so if they feel like the situation is becoming too intense for them to handle, then it’s easier for them to just back off until they can better understand their feelings.

He’s Seeking Independence

A Pisces man values his freedom and will not be tied down unless he’s sure it’s what he wants. He needs his own space to explore, discover and be his most authentic self. He will never rush into anything without taking the time to consider all the options and consequences. A deep thinker that needs to make sure he’s making the right decisions for himself, not just his partner. Once he’s sure of his choices, a Pisces man will be loyal and committed to his partner – but never at the expense of his own personal freedom. He’s an independent spirit who needs room to grow and develop as a person.

He’s Feeling Unappreciated

A Pisces man is highly sensitive and emotive, which makes him vulnerable to feeling unappreciated in a relationship. Without validation and appreciation, a Pisces man will begin to withdraw and become detached. He needs to feel like his feelings and thoughts are being heard and understood, or else his connections with others will start to falter and he may become emotionally distant. A Pisces man is a romantic at heart, so it’s important to recognize his efforts and thoughtfulness with genuine appreciation if you want to keep him engaged in the relationship. Showing how much you care and cherishing him will ensure your Pisces man stays in the relationship and feels loved.

He’s Lost in His Own Thoughts

A Pisces man often finds himself lost in his own thoughts, crafting intricate daydreams and imaginative stories that transport him to another realm. He can easily become too wrapped up in his own world, and the escape from reality that it provides him could be what makes him withdraw from a relationship. He may feel overwhelmed by the intensity of his emotions, or he could be scared of what it means to feel so deeply about someone else. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to be patient and understanding with a Pisces man when he retreats into himself.

He Gets Easily Distracted

A Pisces man loves to explore the world, letting his imagination take him on a wild journey. He can easily get distracted from what he was originally focused on and forget to pay attention to his relationship. He loves the idea of falling in love, but he may become overwhelmed by all of the possibilities out there, so he’ll take some time to figure out what he really wants. His tendency to explore can be a blessing and a curse, because it’s what makes him so unique and creative, but it can also take away from his commitment in a relationship. A Pisces man can be a wonderfully romantic partner, but he needs to focus on the present and not get too caught up in his daydreams.

He’s Struggling with Trust Issues

The Pisces man is a gentle soul, and underneath that exterior lies a vulnerable heart. It’s his sensitivity that causes him to struggle with trust issues, often resulting in him taking a step back from a relationship. He fears being hurt and doesn’t want to open himself up to the potential hurt that can come with a loving relationship. He’s also an idealist and holds himself to high standards, making him hesitant to allow someone else into his heart. Despite this, he’s still a romantic at heart and wants nothing more than to trust someone enough to let them into his life.

He Needs Space to Reevaluate His Priorities

A Pisces man is an emotional creature, so he may need the space away from the relationship to properly understand his feelings and determine if the relationship is truly worth pursuing in the long-term. He may feel overwhelmed by the sudden rush of emotions or be struggling to process his feelings, leading him to step back and take some time for himself. He may also need a break from being vulnerable and open, allowing him the much-needed time to recharge and reconnect with himself.

Signs a Pisces guy is backing off

Avoiding Eye Contact

When a Pisces guy is backing off, you may notice him avoiding eye contact. He may subconsciously start to look away when talking to you, or even blink more often than usual. His pupils may dilate, and his eyes may appear to wander in search of a distraction. He may even appear disinterested and may seem to be scanning the room for someone else. These are all signs that a Pisces guy is withdrawing emotionally, and it’s best to give him some space. He needs time to sort out his feelings, both good and bad. Give him the opportunity to do so, and you may find that your relationship will be stronger in the end.

Not Responding to Texts, Calls or Emails

When a Pisces guy starts to back off, one sure sign is that he stops responding to your texts, calls or emails. He might also ghost you and go silent for extended periods of time, as if he’s intentionally avoiding communication. He may even start to take longer than usual to get back to you, if he’s responding at all. The Pisces guy is a tender-hearted creature who just can’t handle confrontation, so backing off is his way of avoiding a potentially awkward or painful situation. It’s best not to take it personally and let him have the space he needs.

Not Responding to Texts, Calls or Emails

Cancels Plans Last Minute 

Canceling plans at the last minute is a classic sign that a Pisces guy is backing off. When things begin to get too serious, a Pisces guy’s first response is often to back away and take time out. He may well do this by canceling plans that seemed secure only moments before.

Giving Short Responses to Your Questions

A Pisces guy will suddenly reduce his responses to your questions, perhaps responding with short one-word answers or not replying at all. This lack of communication is a sure sign that he is backing off, and it’s time for you to take notice. He may also start avoiding certain topics of conversation, or try to end the discussion quickly.

Taking Long Periods of Time Away from You

If a Pisces man suddenly changes his behavior and takes long periods of time away from you, it may be a sign that he is backing off. He may be withdrawing in an effort to protect himself from potential hurt, as Pisces are naturally sensitive souls who feel deeply. He could be using the space to evaluate the relationship and make sure it’s right for him. Perhaps he’s trying to gain clarity on his feelings or looking for a way to communicate his needs. Whatever the reason, taking time away can be an indication that your Pisces man is backing off.

Becoming Uncharacteristically Quiet and Reserved

The nature of a Pisces is to express themselves freely, but when they become uncharacteristically quiet and reserved it may be a sign that they are backing off. They may be feeling overwhelmed or confused and need some time to process their thoughts. This is a sign that they need to step away from whatever situation or relationship it is that has them feeling this way. They may be retreating into their own private world in an effort to regain their equilibrium and find a solution to the problem. Respect their need for time and space, as this is their way of trying to make sense of things.

No Longer Expressing Affection or Flirting with You

If you used to get showered with compliments, affectionate words and endearing gestures from a Pisces man, but those signs have abruptly stopped, it could be that he’s no longer as invested as he used to be and is backing off. He may have stopped flirting with you, stopped holding your hand, and refuses to talk about the future. A Pisces man withdrawing his affection is a surefire sign he’s backing away from the relationship. His once passionate glances have been replaced with a distant stare and he may seem more interested in putting distance between you two than being close.

Making an Effort to Avoid Spending Time With You

If a Pisces guy is really backing off, he’ll make an effort to avoid running into you. He may start taking alternate routes to avoid passing by your house. He might be making up excuses to stay away, like saying he’s too busy or that he doesn’t have time to hang out. He might even start to dodge your calls and neglect your texts. If a Pisces guy is really trying to back off, his actions will definitely prove it!

Acting Distant, Uninterested, and Disconnected

When a Pisces guy starts to back off, he may become distant and uninterested in conversations. His behavior may become unpredictable, making it difficult to know what he’s thinking or feeling. His communication may become less frequent, and his body language may seem guarded. He might also start to become disconnected from his emotions, seeming detached and aloof. All of these behaviors are signs that a Pisces guy is backing off. Signs of disinterest and a lack of connection are classic indicators that he is no longer interested in pursuing the relationship. If these signs start to become more frequent, it’s likely time to move on.

Not Sharing His Thoughts and Feelings Openly Anymore

No matter how close you thought you were, it’s clear when a Pisces guy is backing off if he no longer shares his thoughts and feelings openly. He might still be there to lend an ear, but the depth of conversation is gone and he’ll keep his musings to himself. He’s become guarded and is no longer willing to divulge the things that were so easily expressed before. It’s a sure sign he’s retreating into his shell and beginning to build walls around his heart. His emotions may still be on full display, but only within the safe confines of a secret inner world that is now off limits to you. He’s a true enigma, but it’s obvious his feelings for you have changed.

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