How Long Will A Pisces Man Stay Mad?

When a Pisces man gets mad, it can be hard to determine how long the feeling will last. Unlike other zodiac signs, who may be quick to blow their top but equally fast to forgive and forget, a Pisces man can stay angry for a long time. He is deeply emotional and sensitive, so even the smallest light can lead to a lasting grudge.

It’s important to remember that Pisces men don’t like to be rushed when it comes to dealing with their emotions. In order for him to truly forgive and forget, he needs time to process his feelings and come to terms with the situation. He also needs to know that you’ve taken responsibility for your actions and have shown genuine remorse.

The length of time a Pisces man will stay mad ultimately depends on the person and the situation. He may forgive quickly if he feels understood and appreciated, or he may remain distant and aloof if he feels misunderstood or unappreciated.

How a Pisces man acts when mad


When a Pisces man is mad he tends to retreat into himself and become emotionally distant from the people around him. He may seem like a stoic marble statue, never betraying any emotion and not letting anyone in. Even though he’s withdrawn, his feelings are still powerful and it’s best to give him space so that he can cool off.


He may attempt to avoid conversations and interactions with people he is angry at in order to prevent further arguments or confrontations. But this evasion won’t last forever. Eventually, he’ll have to face his emotions and take action towards a resolution.  Even if his first inclination is to withdraw and shut out the world, he’ll come around in time. He’s not averse to healing and resolution, he’s just not always sure how to get there. When it comes to a Pisces man’s emotions, patience and persistence are key.


He might act very moody and display erratic behavior such as switching between intense anger and bouts of sadness. His silences can be long and uncomfortable, but he’s likely just trying to process his emotions in private. He may need some time and space to process his feelings alone, but it’s important to remember he still needs love and compassion.


He may become loud and aggressive, resorting to name-calling or other forms of insults. When mad, he is capable of unleashing a powerful storm of emotions and reactions. His words may sting and his fists can pack a punch, so it’s best to leave him alone until he simmers down. He can be a force to be reckoned with when mad, but will regain his composure if given enough time and space. He may even surprise you by still having tenderness in his heart after the storm has passed.


He tends to blame others for his problems and may not take responsibility for how he is feeling. His moodiness can make it difficult to know when a Pisces man is truly mad, but once the anger has been unleashed, it’s a force to be reckoned with. He is often quick to point fingers and make accusations, but this is more of a defense mechanism than an honest attempt to point out the flaws of others.


A Pisces man may become defensive and try to shut down any criticism that comes his way. He may try to put up a wall around his emotions and refuse to talk about what is bothering him. When he is mad, it can be hard to tell what’s on his mind because he is so good at hiding his true feelings.


In extreme cases, Pisces man may engage in self-destructive behaviors such as excessive drinking or drug use. He might also express feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness. His anger can manifest in bouts of rage, and he may act out through lashing out at those closest to him. He is prone to depression and mood swings, spiraling downward into a dark pit of despair. He can be overwhelmed by his emotions and may end up hurting himself rather than others in his attempt to cope. Above all, it’s important to remember that a Pisces man’s anger is usually a cry for help or understanding and he should be given the support and understanding he needs.


Pisces man may become controlling, trying to control the people and situations around him in an attempt to make himself feel better. His temper can become surprisingly fierce, and his ordinarily gentle demeanor might fade into a show of authoritarian dominance. He will attempt to control the conversation, or manipulate the situation in order to gain a sense of power. He may even become so focused on his own feelings that it seems like he doesn’t care about anyone else. Though it may seem like he’s trying to control everyone around him, all the Pisces man really wants is a sense of security in an otherwise turbulent world.


He may manipulate other people by using guilt or emotional blackmail to get what he wants.  He may also be a master of passive aggression, using sly comments to express his displeasure without having to confront the issue directly. Though his manipulations are usually subtle, a Pisces man in a fit of anger can be more overt with his tactics. He may resort to sulking, refusing to speak or withdrawing from social situations in order to get what he wants.


When a Pisces man is mad, he may try to keep his emotions hidden and won’t open up until he has had time to cool off. He can be very good at masking his emotions and may not show any outward signs of anger. However, his actions may reveal how upset he is, such as avoiding conversations or not engaging in activities he usually enjoys. He is wise enough to know that any outburst won’t solve anything and will likely only make matters worse.

How to get a Pisces man miss you

Avoid Contact

Pisces men need space to process emotions and letting him have that will help him forget you faster. Try not to reach out to him, and if he sends you a message, do not respond.

Change Your Habits

If you used to talk to him often, try taking a break from it. Make yourself less accessible by changing your daily routine, such as going out with friends or volunteering.

Showcase Your Uniqueness

Don’t be afraid to show off your unique traits and qualities when you are around a Pisces man. By setting yourself apart from other people, you will be more memorable and he will miss you once you are gone.

Keep Yourself Busy

One of the best ways to make a Pisces man miss you is by keeping yourself busy. Make yourself unavailable and focus on your own goals and dreams. By doing this, he will start to miss your presence in his life.

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