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Want to write for Slash and Scroll? Send us your ideas!

Does writing excite you?  Does the prospect of putting down your thoughts, words, and expressions from your mind to paper (or screen) make you happy? Are you known for your way with words, your penchant for expressing yourself the best way possible through writing? 

If that’s the case, we will be happy to upload your content on our blog.  

Send pitches to our Editor Team at Slash and Scroll and include the word “Pitch” in your subject line.
Please include your resume or bio and a link to a writing sample or blog if you have one. Your pitch should include a few lines detailing what you want to write about and how long you think it’ll be.

Pieces on our site are generally between 800 and 1500 words. 
Please note! Slash and Scroll is all about the relationships you have with the most important people in your life (including yourself!) so anything you pitch should involve love, dating, marriage, divorce, parenting, mental health, sex and the like. A Slash and Scroll piece can be about almost anything—travel, food, fashion, current events—as long as it explains how the subject affects you or your relationship with another person. 

We look to freelancers for personal essays, reported articles and service pieces. The Slash and Scroll voice is smart, playful and real.

Finally, we value each and every one of the writers that we work with! We love to read all of your new perspectives, ideas and takes on the different topics relevant to our niche. Here at Slash and Scroll, we strive to provide you with a supportive community with open communication and expectations.

Writing Guidelines

You can write an article that relates to the following:


– Be 100% original and not published on any other resources.

– High-quality content that is relevant, face-driven, research-based and easy for our audience to understand.

– You should be able to write an article of at least 800 words.

–  We typically use 2nd person for our pieces, but 3rd is also acceptable.

– No affiliate links allowed. 

– Include one do-follow link to your website and one link to your social media profile in your bio.

We reserve the right to reject articles that do not meet our requirements and edit articles as we see fit.