7 Surprising Traits that Men find Attractive in Women

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When we asked ourselves “what physical features do men especially appreciate in the case of women?”, probably one of the often-mentioned answers would be “big breasts”. Surprisingly, studies based on “eye tracking” (a technology that monitors eye movements as a means of detecting anomalies or studying how people interact with text or images) have shown that men check women’s breasts and waists when they meet a woman for the first time, but there are many more physical body parts that they have in mind.

Based on a series of studies, Business Insider compiled a list of the most beautiful female physical features in the perception of men, together with Dr. Midge Wilson, professor of Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, from DePaul University. They called it “reproductive fitness assessment,” describing the process in which a male “analyzes” a female for mating potential.

1. Waist-hip ratio

If a woman has wide hips, a man’s primary instincts are activated by certain mechanisms that highlight the fact that they are suitable for giving birth to healthy children. The researchers found that a ratio of 7/10 is particularly favorable when it comes to waist and hip sizes, meaning that men prefer a narrow waist and wide hips over other structures on a woman’s body.

 2. Healthy hair

Another study showed that long, rich and shiny hair is extremely attractive. Women with a lot of white hair, for example, are less attractive to men because they don’t look as young and, therefore, their fertility is no longer at its peak.

 3. Less makeup

Contrary to the expectations of women who emphasize elaborate make-up to conquer a man, research has proven that men prefer women who do not use make-up products in excess.

More precisely, the most successful are the ladies and young ladies who use 40% less cosmetic products, natural faces being considered much more attractive.

 4. A smile on the face

Of course, we all prefer to surround ourselves with positive and happy people, because such an attitude greatly influences our own well-being. Beyond the fact that men are attracted to confident women with a sense of humor, they are also delighted if they smile and have well-groomed teeth.

 5. The red color

There are dozens of studies that show that wearing red clothes stimulates the senses and increases attractiveness. In other words, clothing in shades of red can act as a strong aphrodisiac for men.

 6. Arm length

A tall woman with long legs will definitely attract admirers. But even if people don’t realize it, long arms are also a characteristic that men subtly look for in a woman. Researchers have found that men prefer women with longer, slimmer arms that have a larger circumference – probably for hugs, but also as an indication of their physical capabilities.

 7. The general aspect

A person who wears clean clothes and is, in general, concerned with his physical appearance, but also with his clothes, has a higher chance of positively attracting the attention of a person of the opposite sex. This shows that you will be an ideal partner because you are healthy, strong and, finally, you can take care of yourself.