How To Know If A Libra Man Is Playing You: 10 Signs To Look For

How To Know If A Libra Man Is Playing You

Are you wondering if your Libra man is playing games with you? While all men can be guilty of this, the signs that a Libra man is doing so can be particularly hard to detect. After all, Libras are known for their charm and diplomatic nature, which can make them tricky to read when it comes to relationships.

Signs That A Libra Man Is Playing You

He’s Being Unresponsive

A Libra man playing games will be unresponsive to any of your attempts at communication. He might take days to respond to texts, or he may even ignore them altogether. If he was interested in you before, but now seems distant and aloof, it’s a sign that he’s playing you.

He’s Hot and Cold

A Libra man can be very hot one minute and cold the next, making it difficult to predict his behavior or feelings. If he’s constantly changing the way he treats you and confusing you with mixed signals, it means that he doesn’t really care for you and is just using you for his own agenda.

He Does Not Make Any Commitments

A Libra man playing games will not make any commitments to you. While he may talk a big game, when it comes time to actually take action, he’ll find some excuse or reason why he can’t. He may string you along with false promises and empty words, or he may just disappear altogether.

He Cancels Plans

A Libra man playing games will cancel plans at the last minute, leaving you feeling confused and unimportant. If he was really interested in you, he would make an effort to stick to the plans that you two make together.

He Is Not Genuinely Interested in You

A Libra man playing you will not show any genuine interest in getting to know you better. Instead, he’ll ask questions that pertain to himself and his own life or interests, leaving little room for real conversation.

He Avoids Intimacy and Closeness

A Libra man playing games will try to avoid any kind of physical or emotional intimacy with you. If he does eventually open up, it’ll feel more like a performance than genuine interest in getting close to you.

He Puts the Blame on You

A Libra man playing games will often turn the blame onto you when things go wrong. He’ll make it seem like everything is your fault and that he had nothing to do with any of it.

His Interest in You Is All About Self-Gain

A Libra man playing games will only show interest in you if he can benefit from it in some way. He’ll be more than happy to take what he wants and then move on without any real commitment or investment.

His Feelings Change Quickly

A Libra man playing games will have sudden changes of heart, making it difficult to keep up with his feelings or even trust him. If he’s continually changing his mind about where the relationship is going, it’s a sign that he’s not taking it seriously.

He Avoids Talking About The Future

A Libra man playing games will avoid talking about the future, even if you bring it up. He’ll make excuses or change the subject, never allowing you to really get a sense of what he wants from you or where the relationship is going. If this is happening in your relationship, it’s a sign that he’s playing games with your heart and emotions. Run while you still can!

What You Can Do When You Suspect a Libra Man Is Playing You

Pay Attention to His Actions

A Libra man’s actions speak louder than his words, so take note of how he acts when you’re around. Is he consistent with his behavior? Does he always make time for you and treat you well? Or do his actions seem suspicious or unpredictable?

Keep Your Cool

If you think a Libra man is playing you, the worst thing to do is to act impulsively or make accusations without proof. Try to keep your emotions in check and focus on gathering information before jumping to conclusions.

Talk It Out

Once you’ve gathered your evidence, sit down with the Libra man and calmly discuss the situation. Even if it turns out he’s been playing you, don’t be too hard on him. He may not even be aware of what he’s done wrong and this conversation could help him to understand why it was hurtful.

Set Ground Rules

If the Libra man is willing to take responsibility for his actions and make changes, set some boundaries. Make sure both of you are on the same page about how you expect your relationship to be going forward.


Don’t Play Along

If it turns out that he’s been playing games with you, don’t let yourself get caught in his web. Remain confident in yourself and your decisions and never let him get away with manipulating you. Stand up for yourself and be strong in the face of any manipulation attempts. This will show him that you won’t tolerate his games anymore.


How do you know if a Libra man is not interested?

Libra men are known for being very communicative and diplomatic, so if he’s no longer engaging in conversations or avoiding eye contact, it may be a sign that he’s not interested. He may also start to distance himself from you by making excuses to not hang out or avoid responding to your calls and texts. If these signs are present, it may be best to move on and look for someone who’s more interested in you.

How do you know if a Libra man is serious about you?

A Libra man will make it clear when he’s serious about you. He may show his commitment by planning more elaborate dates or expressing his feelings for you in an open and honest way. He may also want to spend more time with just the two of you, rather than going out with mutual friends. If this is present, it can be a sign that he’s getting more serious about the relationship and wants to take it to the next level.

Why do Libra men give mixed signals?

Libra men can often be indecisive and will take their time when it comes to making decisions. They may also be hesitant to commit too quickly and want to get a better sense of the situation before taking the next step. This can lead to unclear signals that could be interpreted as both positive or negative. The best thing to do is talk openly with your Libra man to understand his true feelings.

How quickly do Libras lose interest?

Libras can often be very emotionally guarded and it can take them some time to open up and show their true feelings. If they don’t feel the same level of connection with you, they may simply move on without warning or explanation. They also tend to get bored easily if things become too routine, so if this happens it’s important to freshen up the relationship and keep things interesting.

Can Libra men be trusted?

Yes, Libra men can absolutely be trusted. They are known for being very loyal and honest partners who will always put the needs of their loved ones first. However, it’s important to remember that everyone is different and no one is perfect, so if you have concerns about your Libra partner’s trustworthiness, it’s best to address them directly.

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