Does Libra Man Get Jealous? 8 Early Signs To Look For

Does Libra Man Get Jealous

Ah, the Libra man. He’s the life of any party, always charming and quick-witted – and incredibly attractive. But don’t let his relaxed demeanor fool you: deep down, a Libra man is a passionate romantic who can get fiercely jealous if he feels like his partner isn’t being faithful to him.

The Libra man’s jealous streak is often hidden, but it can quickly flare up if he feels like his partner isn’t paying attention to him. He’s very possessive and needs frequent reassurance that the relationship is important to both of them. It helps for a Libra man to understand where these feelings of jealousy stem from in order to better manage them.

Signs That a Libra Man Is Jealous

He Gets Quiet

A Libra man is usually very chatty and loves to be around people, so if he suddenly becomes uncharacteristically quiet it could be a sign that something has made him jealous. He may withdraw into himself and become less vocal in conversations because he feels like his emotions are getting the best of him.

He Becomes Possessive

A Libra man may start to become more possessive of his partner when he’s feeling jealous. He might want to know where she is at all times and who she is talking to, or start interrogating her about events that happened while they were apart. This type of behavior can be a clear signal that he’s feeling envious of someone or something.

He Makes Jokes

Sometimes a Libra man will make jokes about his partner or the object of his jealousy to try and cover up the fact that he’s feeling jealous. It could be an attempt to mask his true feelings, but it usually just ends up coming across as annoying or insensitive.

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He’s Suspicious

Jealousy is often accompanied by suspicion, and a Libra man may start to act suspicious when he’s feeling jealous. He might ask questions about who his partner is spending time with, or try to get her to reveal details about the source of his jealousy in an effort to figure out if she’s being unfaithful or not.

He Gets Defensive

A Libra man may become defensive when he’s feeling jealous, particularly if someone is trying to confront him about it. He might deny that he has any feelings of jealousy and could even try to turn the tables on his partner by accusing her of something instead.

He Gets Moody

A Libra man can turn very moody when he’s feeling jealous, which can make him difficult to be around. His mood swings may become more frequent and severe, making it hard for him to keep his emotions in check.

He Overanalyzes Everything

Jealousy can lead a Libra man to over analyze everything his partner does, trying to look for signs and clues as to what she might be up to. He may develop paranoid thoughts and become convinced that something is going on behind his back, which can put a strain on the relationship.

He Becomes Competitive

Jealousy can make a Libra man become competitive in an effort to prove himself better than his rival. He may start trying to outdo the other person or even try and one-up them in conversations, which can be off-putting for both parties. Taking some time to cool off and step away from the situation can help him regain perspective and get back in control of his emotions.

Causes of Jealousy in Libra Men


Libra guys are often plagued by insecurities that can lead to feelings of envy and longing for what they don’t have. They may feel inadequate when compared to their peers or struggle with self-doubt when it comes to romantic relationships or career success. This can cause them to become jealous and resentful of those who appear to have more than them.

Fear of Loss

Libra men tend to be emotionally invested in their relationships, and fear of losing someone they care deeply about can trigger feelings of jealousy. They may become paranoid that their partner is being unfaithful or that they are not good enough for the relationship in some way.

Low Self-Esteem

Libra boys can suffer from poor self-esteem, which can lead them to become jealous of those who seem to have it all together and are more successful than them in some way. This can cause them to be overly competitive with others, or even sabotage their own chances of achieving what they want in an effort to one-up their rivals.


Libra men are great at comparison, which can lead them to be jealous of those who have achieved success or happiness that he hasn’t yet been able to attain. This type of jealousy can become toxic as it leads to feelings of envy and inadequacy rather than motivation for self-improvement.


Libra men are known for being possessive in relationships, and this can often manifest itself in the form of jealousy over minor details such as how much time their partner spends with others or the amount of attention they receive from other people.

Need for Control

Libra men may become jealous if their partner does not conform to the image they have created in their mind of how things should be. This need for control can lead them to become envious of those who have more freedom or autonomy over their lives than they do.


Libra men can be perfectionists and set high standards for themselves and their relationships, which can make them overly critical of others and jealous when someone else appears to have it better than them. They may struggle with feelings of inadequacy when they cannot measure up to this idealized version of success or happiness.

How to Handle a Jealous Libra Man

Acknowledge His Feelings

When a Libra man is feeling jealous, it’s important to acknowledge his feelings and reassure him that he is loved and appreciated. Showing empathy and understanding can help a jealous Libra man feel secure in the relationship and allow him to express his emotions without fear of judgment or criticism.

Avoid Comparing Him To Others

It’s natural for people to compare themselves to others from time to time, but for a Libra man this can be especially difficult as they tend to be very critical of themselves and their actions. It’s important not to compare your Libra partner to anyone else in order to make him feel valued and appreciated.

Show Him Affection

Sometimes a simple hug or kiss can help put a jealous Libra man’s mind at ease and make him feel more secure in the relationship. Make sure to show your Libra partner affection often, as it will remind him that you deeply care for him and are devoted to the relationship.


Give Him Space When Needed

Libras don’t always like feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions, so it may be necessary to give him some space when he is feeling overwhelmed with jealousy or other strong emotions. This doesn’t mean avoiding conversation altogether but simply allowing them time alone to process their feelings before engaging in dialogue again.

Be Open and Honest

It’s important to be open and honest with a jealous Libra man about how you feel and why you are concerned. Expressing your feelings without accusation or criticism can help him understand your perspective and build trust between the two of you. This in turn can help alleviate his jealousy as he will know that he is still respected within the relationship despite any difficulties you may be facing.


What happens when Libra gets jealous?

When Libra gets jealous, they may become possessive and insecure. They might be hypersensitive to any perceived slight or criticism from their partner, which can cause them to withdraw or lash out. It’s important for partners to be honest and reassuring with a Libra in these moments, as this will allow them to express themselves without fear of judgment. If necessary, couples should also consider engaging in open dialogue and communication about the root causes of the jealousy so that it does not continue into a pattern.

Do Libra get jealous easily?

No, Libra aren’t particularly prone to jealousy. They tend to be even-tempered and usually don’t succumb easily to envy or possessiveness. However, they are a sign that craves harmony in relationships, so if their partner does something that disrupts the balance of the relationship, it can make them feel insecure and cause them to become jealous. If this happens, communication is key for finding a resolution.

What is Libra’s biggest insecurity?

Libras can be insecure when it comes to their self-worth or if they feel like they are not respected by their partner. They can also have a fear of abandonment, so being left alone or feeling unsupported can trigger their insecurities. It is important for partners to recognize these feelings and work with the Libra to provide reassurance and understanding.

What attracts a Libra man?

A Libra man is attracted to intelligence and wit. He appreciates someone who can stimulate his mind, as well as make him laugh. A strong sense of self-confidence is also attractive to a Libra man, as he finds it comforting to be with someone who knows themselves and what they want. Additionally, an open-mindedness and willingness to explore the world around them can draw a Libra man in.

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