How To Know If A Libra Woman Misses You: 8 Signs To Look For

How To Know If A Libra Woman Misses You
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Are you wondering if a Libra woman misses you? If so, you’re not alone – many people have asked this same question! Libras are known for their social charm and analytical minds, but they can also be emotional and sensitive. A Libra woman may not always show her feelings openly, so it can be difficult to know if she is missing someone. But there are a few telltale signs that can indicate if she is thinking about you or longing to be in your presence.

Signs That A Libra Woman Is Missing You

She is Constantly Checking Her Phone

If a Libra woman is missing you, chances are she is glued to her phone waiting for your call or message. She will be eagerly checking her messages and social media notifications in hopes that there’s something from you.

She Takes Longer To Respond

When a Libra woman misses someone, their response time increases significantly. She will take her time to respond as she wants to give thoughtful replies that express how much they miss you.

She Is More Flirtatious

A Libra woman always has a flirtatious nature, but when she’s missing someone it gets magnified! She may start sending extra flirty messages just to show her love and longing for you.

She Brings Up Your Name Unprompted

If a Libra woman is missing someone, she will bring up their name randomly and without any prompting or necessary context. She just wants to hear your name and talk about the good times you shared!

She Pays Extra Attention To Her Appearance

A Libra woman loves looking and feeling her best, but when she’s missing someone the effort she puts into her appearance is doubled. She wants to look perfect for that special someone!

She Gets Easily Jealous

A Libra woman will get extra jealous if you start talking to other people or hanging out with your friends instead of her. This is a sure sign that she’s missing you and wishes to be around you more often.

She Talks About Memories You Shared Together

A Libra woman will talk about happy memories you shared together if she’s longing for your presence in her life. It is her way of letting you know how much she misses being with you and cherishing those sweet memories.

She Sends You Unexpected Gifts

A Libra woman may send you unexpected gifts if she’s missing you, as a way to show how much she cares and misses your presence in her life. These thoughtful gestures will surely make you smile!

Why a Libra Woman May Miss You

Because She Enjoys Your Company

A Libra woman may miss you because she enjoys the time spent with you and appreciates your company. She loves to converse, exchange ideas, and explore her intellectual curiosity through interesting conversations.

Because She Values Intimacy

A Libra woman craves physical contact and emotional connection in relationships, so if you’ve been apart for a while, she’ll likely long for that intimacy you once shared. She will miss the warmth of your hugs and the way you make her feel like she’s seen, heard, and appreciated.

Because She Needs Balance

Libra girls thrive when they have a balanced life—if things feel off-kilter without you around, she may miss your presence to help her achieve equilibrium. If you’re someone she confides in and relies on for support, she may feel like a piece of her is missing without your presence.

Because You Make Her Feel Secure

A Libra woman may miss you because of the security and stability you bring to her life. She feels safe in your presence, and she needs to know that someone is looking out for her well-being.

Because You Appreciate Her

A Libra girl loves being appreciated and acknowledged—if you’re able to show her how much you value her, she’ll miss your presence when you’re not around.

Because She Sees Your Potential

A Libra woman can recognize potential in almost anyone and often encourages the people around her to reach their highest goals. If you have an ambitious plan that you’ve been pursuing, she’ll likely miss being part of it.

Because She Misses Your Support

A Libra woman is drawn to people who make her feel supported—if you’re someone who can provide emotional and practical support to her, she may miss your presence in her life.


What do Libras do when they miss you?

When a Libra misses someone, they will usually try to reach out and make contact. This may include sending thoughtful messages, making phone calls or even arranging special surprises such as flowers, chocolates, tickets to a show or restaurant reservations. They may also try to spend quality time with the person – whether that is going for coffee, taking a walk or doing an activity together. Ultimately, Libras are all about maintaining relationships and making sure everyone is happy – so they’ll make sure to do whatever they can to express their feelings when someone is away from them.

How do you know if a Libra woman wants you back?

If a Libra woman wants you back, she will likely make it known in some way. She may call or text more often than usual, try to find ways to be around you, or even plan out special dates that are tailored to your interests. She may also express her feelings through thoughtful gifts or compliments, as she is usually very good at expressing her emotions in a gentle and sincere manner. Ultimately, if she genuinely cares about you and wants to get back together, she will make it known through her actions.

How to get a Libra woman to chase you?

If you want to get a Libra woman to chase after you, it’s important to show her that you are interested and available. This could include sending sweet messages or making plans for dates and outings. It’s also important to be courteous and respectful – Libras highly value good manners and politeness, so make sure to always treat her with kindness. Finally, don’t be afraid to express your emotions – Libras appreciate open and honest communication, so being vulnerable and letting her know how you truly feel can often be a great way to win her over.

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