How To Make Your Cancer Man Feel Guilty 12 Strategies That Always Work

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When it comes to making your Cancer man feel guilty, it takes a unique approach because they are an emotional sign. The trick is to tap into their sensitive nature and use it against them. A Cancer man will typically be the type to hold onto grudges and take things personally, so it’s important to know how to use this against him. This article will provide you with tips on how to make your Cancer man feel guilty so that he understands the consequences of his actions. With a bit of cunning and some understanding of Cancer men, you can have your man feeling guilty in no time.

How To Make Your Cancer Guy Feel Guilty

Show him your true emotions

Let your Cancer guy see how deeply his actions are affecting you. Don’t be afraid to cry if that’s what you need to do. Chances are, he’ll be moved enough to feel guilty for the way he’s been treating you.

Remind him of the promises he made

If your Cancer sign guy has broken any promises he’s made, bring them up. This will help him remember how important those commitments were and how much it means to you for him to keep them.

Point out the problem

Don’t be afraid to confront your Cancer man and point out what he has done wrong. It’s important to be direct and honest about your feelings. Showing him that you are aware of his wrongdoings will likely make him feel guilty.

Make it personal

Make sure you tell your Cancer man what he has done and how it has made you feel, rather than just trying to tell him what he should do. This will be more effective at making him feel guilty, since he’ll understand how his actions have impacted you.

Don’t back down

Don’t let a Cancer man off the hook too easily. Stand your ground and be firm in your expectations. Showing your Cancer that you won’t accept anything less than what he promised will make him realize how serious you are and ultimately make him feel guilty for his actions.

Don’t give in

Even if your Cancer man tries to make you feel guilty for expressing your feelings, don’t give in.  Remind him that it’s his actions that need to be addressed, not your feelings. Showing him that you won’t be swayed by his attempts to divert attention away from himself will make him feel guilty for his actions.

Show him empathy

Showing empathy and understanding to your Cancer sign guy may also help him to realize the impact of his actions. If he can see how his actions have affected you, and that you still care about him despite it all, then he may start to feel guilty for the way he has been treating you.

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Make him take on the blame

Make sure that you don’t try to take on the blame for what has happened. It’s important to be honest and assertive in expressing your feelings and needs, so that the Cancer man will understand that it’s not your fault. This may make him feel guilty for his actions and willing to take responsibility for them.

Forgive your Cancer man

At the end of the day, forgiveness can be incredibly powerful. Once you have expressed your feelings and needs, try to forgive the Cancer guy for his actions. This will help show him that you care and may make him feel guilty enough to do better in the future.

Don’t be too nice 

Don’t be overly nice to your Cancer man in an attempt to make him feel guilty. Doing this may make him think that you’re okay with what he’s done, or that you don’t care about the promises he has broken. Instead, be firm and direct in your communication so that he will be more likely to understand the gravity of his actions.

Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries is essential for any relationship, and this is especially true when trying to make your Cancer man feel guilty. Show him that you won’t tolerate his behavior, and that he needs to take responsibility for what he has done. This will make it clear that you’re not going to put up with his behavior and that he needs to start taking you seriously.

Focusing on yourself

Finally, take some time to focus on yourself. Spend time doing the things that make you happy and bring you joy, so that you can start to heal and move on. Doing this may also make your Cancer guy realize how much he has hurt you, and make him feel guilty for his actions

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