What A Virgo Man Wants To Hear: A Detailed Guide To Please Him

When a Virgo man wants to hear something from a woman, he’s looking for an honest and sincere point of view. He loves when a woman expresses her feelings in a creative way that shows she is confident and comfortable in her own skin. He admires the beauty of words, so being able to express himself clearly with eloquence is important to him. He loves the sound of a woman’s voice and being able to hear her tell the truth with conviction. When it comes to compliments, he appreciates when someone takes the time to notice his hard work and dedication in life. A Virgo man is also looking for appreciation when he puts in effort, so knowing that his efforts are not going unnoticed is a great thing to hear. Above all, he loves when a woman makes him feel special and appreciated for who he is. Knowing that his presence and actions are being acknowledged can make any Virgo man smile from ear to ear!

Not only does he take pleasure in hearing these things, but nothing makes him feel more cherished than knowing that his words and actions are appreciated. Showing gratitude for the little things is key to a Virgo man’s heart. He loves it when someone notices the small details that make him unique – like his work ethic or his sentimental side. Hearing those things from a woman he loves can make him feel like the luckiest man alive!

What Do Virgo Men Value In A Relationship?


Virgo men highly value open and honest communication in their relationships. They appreciate partners who are willing to share their feelings, thoughts, and ideas without fear of judgment or criticism. When a Virgo man feels heard and understood by his partner, it builds trust and strengthens the bond between them.


Virgo men place a high value on respect in their relationships. They want to be respected for who they are and appreciated for their contributions, which makes them feel valued and loved. A Virgo man will reciprocate this respect back to his partner, making for a strong, supportive bond.


Virgo men take relationships seriously, and they have a great capacity for understanding their partner’s feelings. They appreciate partners who can show them empathy and provide support during difficult times. They’re often willing to listen without judgment and offer guidance when needed.


Virgo men are committed to their relationships and strive to make them work. They’re loyal and devoted, which makes them excellent partners. They’re also big believers in “for better or worse” and will always be there to support their partner when things get tough.


Virgo men value dependability in a relationship as it helps them feel secure. They want to be able to rely on their partner, knowing that they’ll be there when needed and can handle whatever comes their way. A Virgo man will also step up for his partner in return, making sure that he always has their back.


While Virgo men take relationships seriously, they also know how to have fun. They appreciate partners who can let loose and enjoy life, and they’re often up for anything as long as it involves quality time with their loved one. They value the lighter side of life and want to make sure that laughter remains a part of their relationship.

What Are Some Positive Words Of Affirmation A Virgo Man Wants To Hear?


A Virgo guy loves to hear that he is appreciated for his hard work. He likes to be recognized for his efforts and feel valued by those close to him. It makes him feel good when someone takes the time to acknowledge what he has done or said.


A Virgo man may not be a big fan of public displays of affection, but he does enjoy hearing words of love and devotion in private. Knowing that he is loved and cherished will make him feel secure and happy.


A Virgo man likes to know that he is admired by those around him for his strength, intelligence and reliability. Hearing words of admiration will make him feel respected and appreciated.


A Virgo man likes to hear encouraging words that boost his self-confidence and validate his decisions. Knowing that someone is supporting him in his endeavors will make him feel empowered and motivated.


A Virgo man enjoys hearing praise for a job well done or an accomplishment achieved. Being recognized for his efforts, whether big or small, makes him feel proud of himself and boosts his self-esteem.


A Virgo man loves to hear sincere words of gratitude. Knowing that he is appreciated by those around him for being there and helping out in difficult times will make him feel valued and respected. It’s a great way to let him know that his presence is important and cherished.

How Can You Show Affection To A Virgo Guy?

Verbal Affirmation

Show your Virgo man how much you appreciate and respect him through meaningful words. Let him know that you love not only his physical attractiveness, but also the person he is inside. Speak kindly to him, even when disagreements arise, and shower him with compliments for tasks well done or kind gestures.

Quality Time

Show your Virgo man you care by devoting quality time together, away from the hustle and bustle of life’s demands. Plan special date nights or weekend getaways dedicated solely to being together and connecting on a deeper level. Enjoy meaningful conversations about his hopes and dreams, interests, and thoughts on life.

Gifts of Appreciation

Assure your Virgo man that he is appreciated and loved through small, thoughtful gifts. Pick up his favorite takeaway on the way home from work or bake him a batch of homemade cookies. Surprise him with tickets to an upcoming event or plan a special outing just for the two of you.

Physical Touch

Show your Virgo man that he is desired and appreciated through physical touch. Let him know you’re thinking of him with an unexpected hug or kiss. Hold hands while walking together, cuddle up on the sofa for a movie night, and enjoy regular massages to keep the passionate connection strong. Affectionately affirm your love for him through gentle physical touch.

Thoughtful Acts

Show your Virgo man how much you care by carefully considering his needs and wants on a regular basis. Plan a weekend away to somewhere he’s always wanted to visit, or simply ask him what kind of treat he’d like for dinner. Little acts of thoughtfulness can go a long way in helping to strengthen and nurture your relationship.

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