What Happens When You Ignore A Virgo Man (Positive and Negative)

What Happens When You Ignore A Virgo Man

When ignoring a Virgo man, it’s important to understand that they take things personally and can become deeply hurt. They tend to be more sensitive than other signs, so if you’re trying to avoid an argument or altercation with them, it’s best to think twice before deciding to ignore them. If you do choose to ignore a Virgo man, expect him to become withdrawn, distant, and cold. He may seem uninterested in talking or even spending time with you, as his feelings are likely hurt by your dismissal. If he does choose to engage with you again, it’s important to apologize for ignoring him and assure him that it will not happen again. This way, the Virgo man can feel like he is being heard and respected, and he may be more likely to open up again. However, it’s important to remember that Virgos take time to trust someone again, so be patient when trying to build the relationship back up.

Negative Consequences of Ignoring a Virgo Man

Trust Issues

Ignoring a Virgo man will create a great deal of trust issues and can lead to arguments, hurt feelings, or even breakups. The Virgo man is constantly looking for reassurance that he matters to you, so without it his feelings can be easily bruised.

Communication Breakdown

When a Virgo man is ignored, communication can quickly break down. He will become withdrawn and distant, making it difficult to have a meaningful conversation or work through any issues you may be having in your relationship.

Fear of Rejection

When a Virgo man feels ignored, he will fear being rejected or forgotten about which will trigger feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. This can lead to him becoming more distant and withdrawn, making it difficult for relationships to progress and grow.

Lack of Intimacy

When a Virgo man is ignored, he will often lose interest in physical intimacy as well as emotional connection due to feeling neglected and unappreciated. This lack of intimacy can greatly impact his ability to feel loved or cared for.

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When a Virgo man feels ignored, it can lead to him engaging in self-sabotaging behavior such as overworking himself, isolating himself from others, or even distancing himself from you.

Irritability and Mood Swings

Ignoring a Virgo man will often leave him feeling irritable and moody. He may become easily frustrated or take any minor issue as an attack on his character which can lead to arguments and disagreements.

Low Self Esteem

One of the most damaging negative consequences when it comes to ignoring a Virgo man is a decrease in his self-esteem. He will start to second guess himself, doubt his own decisions and feel like he isn’t good enough. This can lead to him retreating from the world completely, making it difficult for you to reach him again.

Positive Outcomes of Ignoring a Virgo Man


Ignoring a Virgo man can be the first step to self-discovery and growth, allowing you to find out who you are outside of the relationship and develop independence in your life.


Taking time away from a Virgo man gives you time for personal reflection, enabling you to look back on the relationship and gain a better understanding of how it affected you.

New Opportunities

Ignoring a Virgo man can be an opportunity to explore different options in life, branching out into new interests that you may have never considered before.

Peace of Mind

Putting distance between yourself and a Virgo man can bring peace of mind and clarity, allowing you to think more clearly about the situation.

Clarity of Vision

At a distance, it can be much easier to see things objectively and gain clarity about your relationship and what you want in life going forward.

Better Relationships

With time apart from a Virgo man, it is possible to build better connections with other people, cementing healthy relationships that can bring joy into your life.


Taking a break from a Virgo man can lead to greater happiness and satisfaction in life, as you are now free to live according to what makes you truly content.

Tips for Ignoring a Virgo Man in the Short and Long Term

Acknowledge His Needs

Acknowledging the needs of a Virgo man is essential to managing your relationship. Take time to listen to what he has to say and recognize his feelings. Show that you care by responding in kind, but be sure not to overstep any boundaries as this can further drive him away.

Respect His Space

Respecting a Virgo man’s space and privacy is vital to creating a successful relationship. If he prefers to have his own time away from you, honor that and don’t take it as a personal affront. This will help him feel more comfortable in the long run.

Be Honest

Virgo men value honesty and will appreciate it if you are honest with him about your feelings. It can be tough to tell him how you really feel, but doing so will help create an open communication that is essential for any relationship.

Compromise When Necessary

A Virgo man may have strong opinions on certain things and can be quite stubborn in sticking to them. It’s important that you are willing to compromise when necessary so that both parties feel respected and appreciated.

Understand His Needs

Understanding a Virgo man’s needs is key to forming a lasting connection with him. Make sure you take time out of your day to get to know him and understand what he needs from the relationship. This will help keep your bond strong in both the short term and long term.

How the Virgo Man Reacts to Being Ignored

Dismissive and Defensive

When the Virgo man is ignored, he tends to react in a dismissive and defensive manner. He may act aloof or like he doesn’t care about what’s going on around him. He won’t let his feelings show and will remain composed—even when being ignored.


The Virgo man may spend a great deal of time overthinking and analyzing the situation. He will try to figure out why he was ignored and what he can do to fix it—if that’s even possible in his mind.


A Virgo man typically responds to being ignored by retreating into his own world and shutting off all communication from other people. It is likely that he will start avoiding social settings altogether, so as not to be subjected to further rejection or hurt feelings.

Internalizing Negativity

The Virgo man tends to internalize negative emotions when faced with being ignored. This often leads him to believe things about himself that are simply untrue—such as thinking he isn’t good enough or he doesn’t deserve to be noticed.

Seeking Validation

When a Virgo man is ignored, he may start seeking validation from others in order to make himself feel better. He will look for approval and reassurance from people who can relate to his situation, so that he can get the validation he needs and move on with life.

Critical of Self

The Virgo man often becomes very self-critical when being ignored by others. He may start questioning every decision he makes and start doubting himself more than ever before, which can lead to further negative thinking patterns if not addressed properly.

Learning From Past Mistakes

Despite all of this, the Virgo man is capable of learning from past mistakes and using them to his advantage. He may take the opportunity to reflect on why he was ignored in the first place so that he can better understand what not to do in similar situations moving forward. With enough self-reflection, the Virgo man can use being ignored as a catalyst for growth and improved relationships with others.


How do Virgo men respond to being ignored?

Virgo men can be sensitive to being ignored, so it’s important to address the situation head-on if a Virgo man feels overlooked. It’s likely that he will take offense at the lack of attention and may become defensive or distant in response. He might also appreciate honest communication about what’s been going on—especially if you can explain why you haven’t been able to give him your full attention recently. An understanding attitude and a willingness to make amends could go a long way towards helping repair any hurt feelings. Ultimately, Virgos want to feel appreciated and respected, so simply acknowledging his presence and value should help restore balance in the relationship.

How does Virgo man react to rejection?

Rejection can be tough for any zodiac sign, but especially so for a Virgo man. He might try to remain stoic on the surface, but it’s likely that his feelings have been hurt and he may need some time alone to process his emotions. Depending on the situation, he could respond with withdrawal or bitterness. At the same time, however, a Virgo man is usually very level-headed and likely won’t hold onto negative feelings for too long. With patience and understanding from both sides, a relationship can hopefully be restored without too much difficulty.

How to make a Virgo man feel guilty for ignoring you?

Rather than trying to make a Virgo man feel guilty for ignoring you, it’s better to simply provide him with honest feedback about how his behavior is affecting you. Explain your point of view in a calm and understanding manner, avoiding any blame or accusations. A Virgo man will be more likely to respond positively if he feels that you are communicating from a place of empathy rather than confrontation. He may also appreciate an opportunity to explain his own perspective on the situation—which could help both of you come to a mutual understanding. Ultimately, honesty and openness go a long way when dealing with complex emotions like guilt or shame.

What scares a Virgo man away?

Virgo men can become overwhelmed when faced with too much chaos or emotional intensity. They may feel scared away by unpredictable behavior, particularly if it involves shouting or aggression. Virgos also have a tendency to retreat from situations in which they don’t feel comfortable—so anything that triggers insecurity or doubt is likely to be off-putting. Beyond this, Virgo men can be sensitive and need reassurance that their feelings are appreciated and respected, so any sign of disrespect could cause them to withdraw from the relationship. By taking into account his needs and boundaries, you can help create an environment where he feels safe and secure.

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