How Long Do Virgos Disappear for: 6 Possible Reasons

How Long Do Virgos Disappear for

Have you ever had a Virgo in your life? If so, chances are you’ve noticed their tendency to disappear for days or weeks at a time. It can seem strange and confusing; what would cause someone to just up and go without explanation? The truth is that as an earth sign with strong analytical capabilities, the Virgo is no stranger to disappearing inside their own thoughts. Read on to discover why Virgos disappear in relationships and how long they tend to stay away for.

Why do Virgos disappear from their romantic relationships?

The Quest for Perfection

Virgos are perfectionists by nature, and they expect the same from others in their relationships. They set high standards and can become frustrated when those standards aren’t met. This leads to feelings of disappointment, which can cause Virgos to withdraw emotionally and retreat into themselves in order to avoid further disappointment.

Fear of Intimacy

Virgos often struggle to let go of their own walls and open up to others in a relationship. They may be guarded and hesitant to share their feelings for fear that they will not be reciprocated or accepted. This can lead them to become distant and eventually disappear from the relationship altogether.

Keeping Emotions in Check

Virgos are known for being analytical, logical, and rational thinkers. They prefer to stay level-headed and suppress strong emotions that could potentially hinder their judgment or lead to rash decisions. As a result, Virgos often keep their feelings buried deep within and aren’t as open with their partners as they could be.

Need for Independence

Virgos are fiercely independent and can often feel burdened by the expectations that come with being in a relationship. They may struggle to satisfy both their own needs and those of their partner, which can lead them to withdraw from the relationship in search of autonomy and freedom.

Sense of Responsibility

When in a relationship, Virgos tend to take on more responsibility than necessary. This can create feelings of being overwhelmed and even resentful towards their partner, leading them to close themselves off emotionally and become distant from the relationship.

Fear of Failure

As perfectionists, Virgos are often scared of failing both themselves and their partner. This fear can drive them to avoid intimate situations altogether, in order to protect themselves from potential disappointment or hurt. As a result, they may be more likely to “disappear” from the relationship entirely.

How long do Virgos disappear for?

Disappearing from the Beginning

Virgos often distance themselves from their romantic relationships in the beginning, and it can be mysterious as to why they run away. They tend to do this because they don’t want to get too attached right away and will take time to evaluate whether or not the relationship is something that they should pursue.

Taking “Time-Outs”

It’s not uncommon for Virgos to take breaks in their relationships, sometimes lasting months at a time. This isn’t a sign of them not being interested, but rather as an attempt to be sure that they know what they want and that the relationship is worth fighting for.

When Things Get Complicated

Virgos are the type of people who will take some time apart when things start to get complicated in the relationship. They need to be able to think about their feelings and figure out how they want to move forward, which can be a lengthy process. But if they ’re interested, they will eventually come back stronger than ever.

Moving On

Unfortunately, Virgos can disappear from a relationship for good if it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere or they feel like the other person is not meeting their standards. They don’t like wasting time and won’t hesitate to move on if they feel like they’ve given it their all.

How to get Virgos back after their absence?

Rebuild Trust

In order to get a Virgo back, it is essential to rebuild trust between the two of you. Be honest and open about your feelings and motivations. Show them that you are completely committed to making it work this time around by being consistent with your words and actions.


Demonstrate Patience

Virgos take time to process things and they need space to do so. When your Virgo disappears, it is important to demonstrate patience. Allow your Virgo the opportunity to work through whatever they are going through without being too pushy or demanding for an answer. 

Stay Positive

It can be difficult not to take your Virgo’s disappearance personally, but it is important to stay positive. Show them that you understand and care about their feelings and needs, without being overbearing or clingy.

Show Your Loyalty

Virgos value loyalty and consistency. When trying to get a Virgo back, it is important to show your loyalty to them. Express your commitment in words as well as actions and demonstrate that you are willing to put in the effort to make things work. Sending thoughtful gifts and messages can also be helpful.

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