How Long Does A Taurus Man Stay Mad? A Detailed Guide

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The Taurus man is a dependable, reliable and patient partner who will always be there for you. He has a strong sense of commitment and dedication, and is often seen as a reliable rock for his loved ones. He will rarely express anger or aggression, preferring to keep things low key and calm. He can be quite stubborn, but he will always do his best to make sure that everyone is happy. However, despite his patient nature, when a Taurus man gets angry it can be explosive and cause him to stay mad for longer than usual. Read on to find out what makes him mad, for how long, how to tell, and strategies for finding peace with your Taurus man.

What makes Taurus men mad?


A Taurus man will become mad if he feels that someone is trying to take away from the attention, affection and loyalty he has for his significant other. He is fiercely possessive of his relationships, so any sign of disrespect or dishonesty will likely make him angry and upset.


A Taurus man values respect, and anything that he feels is an attempt to belittle him will cause his anger levels to spike. He knows his worth and any suggestion that he does not deserve respect or admiration can push him towards a fit of rage.


A Taurus man does not appreciate when someone challenges his beliefs and worldview. He can be set in his ways, so if anyone tries to change him or force him to do something he is not comfortable with, it will likely make him very mad.


A Taurus man takes rejection very seriously and can become livid if someone refuses his affection or love. He needs to feel secure and loved and will become resentful if he feels as though his advances are being spurned. This can lead to a fit of rage and outbursts of anger.

How long does a Taurus guy stay mad?

Time to Cool Off

A Taurus man can take time to cool off after being mad, often stewing in his emotions for a while before he is ready to talk about it. He may need some alone time to process his feelings and let go of the anger. This can range from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on his mood and the situation that made him mad in the first place.

Ready to Reconcile

When he is ready, a Taurus man will reach out in his own way and time to make amends. He is usually open and honest in his apologies, expressing his regret for what has happened or the way he reacted. Once he has said his piece and forgiven, it’s likely that the anger will be gone. He will move forward with a new perspective and a newfound respect for the other person.

How to tell when a Taurus man is mad?

Body Language

A Taurus man’s body language can be a dead giveaway when it comes to his emotions. He may become still, his facial expressions may become hard and intense, and he might even start to fidget. If you notice any of these things when speaking to him, it’s best to tread carefully.

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Tone of Voice

A Taurus man is usually very good at expressing himself with his words. If you start to notice his voice getting sharper and more aggressive, it’s a sure sign that he is upset. He may also up the volume of his voice, so make sure you pay attention to the tone and volume of what he is saying.


If a Taurus man is mad, his mood will likely become sullen or irritable. He may also appear aloof and uninterested in conversation.

It’s best to give him some space and not press for details if he seems that way.


A Taurus man will often try to avoid confrontation when he is mad. He may start making excuses or become evasive when asked a direct question. If you notice that he is trying to get away from the conversation, it’s best to give him some time alone until he is ready to talk. Taking a step back can help the situation de-escalate.

Strategies for finding peace with a mad Taurus man

Clear Communication

The most effective strategy for finding peace with a mad Taurus man is to establish clear communication between the two parties. Express your feelings and thoughts in a way that he can understand, as well as make sure to listen carefully to his own. Showing respect for each other’s opinions and having an open mind can help build a bridge towards peace.

Respect Boundaries

It is important to respect boundaries when trying to find peace with a mad Taurus man. Respect their need for space and be mindful of their personal limits. Be careful not to push them too far, as this could lead to further conflict.

Be Patient

Finding peace with a mad Taurus man requires patience. His temper is likely to flare up quickly, so it’s important to take a step back and not get too heated when responding in a disagreement. Even though it may be difficult to stay calm, allowing him room to cool off can help de-escalate the situation and lead towards peace.


Compromising is another key factor when it comes to finding peace with a mad Taurus man. He may not always be willing to meet you in the middle, but demonstrating your willingness to do so can show him that you are interested in finding a workable solution for both of you. Proposing a compromise that is mutually beneficial can help lead to peace and a more harmonious relationship.

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