What To Do When A Libra Man Pulls Away: A Detailed Guide

What To Do When A Libra Man Pulls Away

If you’re in a relationship with a Libra man, then it can be worrisome when he starts to pull away. After all, Libras are one of the most romantic and devoted signs in all of astrology. But like all signs, they have their moments when they need some space. If your Libra man is pulling away, it’s important to know how to handle the situation.

Signs That a Libra Man is Pulling Away

He is Less Engaged in Conversation

When a Libra man starts to pull away, he will become less engaged in any conversations. He may not initiate or participate much in conversations, and even when prompted, his replies may be short and disinterested.

He’s No Longer Being Affectionate

As the relationship begins to cool, a Libra man will become less affectionate. He may no longer hold your hand when walking together or initiate hugs.

He’s Not Making Plans With You

If your Libra man starts to pull away, he will be much less likely to make plans with you and spend quality time together. A lack of planning could mean that he has lost interest in the relationship and is slowly drifting away.

He’s Distant From Friends and Family

As a Libra man begins to withdraw from the relationship, it is not only you who may feel distant but also his friends and family. A once social butterfly may now choose to stay inside or avoid interactions with those close to him.

He’s Unresponsive to Text Messages

When a Libra man pulls away, he may also become unresponsive or take longer than usual to reply to text messages. This could be because he has lost interest in the relationship and does not feel motivated enough to stay in contact.

He’s Avoiding Intimate Conversation

A Libra man who is pulling away may no longer initiate meaningful conversations about his feelings or thoughts that go beyond surface level topics. He might avoid talking about deeper matters because it reminds him of what once was and can no longer be.

His Actions Don’t Match His Words

You may notice that your Libra man doesn’t act as though he still cares in the way that he used to. His words may still be affectionate, but his actions no longer match what he’s saying.

He’s No Longer Putting Effort Into the Relationship

When a Libra man is ready to move on, he will no longer put effort into making the relationship work. This can include anything from not initiating intimate conversations or doing things together that you both enjoy. His disinterest will be quite obvious and undeniable when this happens.

What To Do When a Libra Man Pulls Away

Accept His Need for Space

Libra men are notorious for needing their alone time to sort through the complexities of life and emotions. If he’s pulling away, it is very likely that he needs some space to figure things out on his own. Give him the freedom he needs without getting anxious or pressing too hard for answers.

Make Yourself Available

Let him know you’re there if he wants to talk and come back when ready – and mean it! Showing that you care about him enough to give him your full attention is a great way of demonstrating your understanding and support in the situation.

Don’t Take It Personally

This can be tricky as our egos want us to feel that if someone is avoiding us, it must be our fault (even though most of the time, it isn’t). Don’t jump to conclusions or blame yourself for his behavior. He may need to explore a few options before he can make the right decision.

Acknowledge His Feelings

Let him know you’re listening and understanding when he needs some distance. Make sure he feels safe expressing his thoughts without fear of judgment or criticism from you. You don’t have to agree with him; just let your support be known for whatever choices he decides on in the end.

Respect His Independence

Libra men have a strong sense of independence and usually like to take their own path. Respect his need for independence and don’t try to control or dictate the relationship. Allow him some space to make his own decisions without interference from you.

Be Patient

Libra men tend to take their time in making big decisions; they need to weigh all the pros and cons before committing to anything. Patience is key here! Don’t push him into making a decision if he isn’t ready yet – he may just need more time and space than usual.

Connect On An Intimate Level

Showing affection and understanding will help a Libra man feel connected with you, even when he’s pulling away emotionally. Take the time to get close by sharing your feelings and being open about your own feelings.


Don’t Make Unreasonable Demands

A Libra man isn’t going to respond well if you put too much pressure on him or make unrealistic demands, as he needs space and freedom to sort out his emotions first. Respect his need for autonomy and don’t push him into making a decision before he’s ready.


What to do when a Libra man loses interest?

If a Libra man has lost interest, it’s important to take some time and evaluate the situation. Have you done anything that might have made him feel uncomfortable or disrespected? If so, apologize for your actions and ask how you can make amends. Additionally, consider if there is anything in the relationship that needs to be addressed or changed. Showing maturity by being open to honest communication may help rekindle the spark between you two. It could also be beneficial for both of you to spend quality time together doing activities that bring back the fun and passion from when you first met. Taking things slow and allowing each other space can also help keep the relationship fresh and exciting long-term. Ultimately, stay patient with one another and trust that, if it’s meant to be, the connection will return.

Do Libra men like to take things slow?

Libra men tend to prefer a slower pace when it comes to relationships. They dislike rash decisions and thrive in environments where there is emotional security and stability. While they enjoy spending quality time with their partners, they may need some space from time to time in order to reflect on their feelings and make sense of them. Showing patience and understanding can ensure that your relationship progresses at a comfortable speed that works for both of you. If he’s taking longer than expected, try not to rush him or pressure him – instead, focus on getting to know each other better at an enjoyable pace.

How do you know if Libra man is over you?

If a Libra man is over you, he may start to pull away or stop being as responsive. He may avoid conversations about your relationship and become distant in his behavior and communication. You might also notice that his thoughts and concerns have shifted from being focused on you to being more self-centered. If your attempts to connect with him are met with coldness or indifference, it’s a strong sign that he may be over you. It’s important to give him some space and try not to take his behavior too personally – sometimes breakups happen for the best. If he does end things with you, trust your instincts, as well as his honesty and openness, to move forward.

What scares a Libra man away?

Libra men can be easily frightened away by emotional outbursts, excessive criticism, and dishonesty. They are not fans of drama or tension in relationships and need a stable environment to feel secure. Furthermore, they appreciate respect and honesty – if you don’t afford him either of these things, he may start to pull away. Additionally, Libra men don’t like to be pushed into making decisions that go against their own values and beliefs. If your actions suggest a lack of trust or understanding, he may decide it’s better for him to move on and find someone else who can meet his needs in a calmer, more loving way.

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