How Does A Virgo Man Flirt: 6 Early Signs To Look For

Virgo man flirt

When it comes to relationships, the Virgo man is often seen as a well-rounded individual who has his romantic desires in check. This gentleman of the zodiac is known for being an insightful lover with a practical approach to flirting and courting potential partners. A Virgo man is often characterized as a reserved, analytical type who prefers to focus on the facts. However, beneath this façade lies a passionate and romantic individual capable of expressing his feelings in a unique and creative way.

What Makes Virgos Men Attractive To Potential Partners

Virgo men are known for their strong sense of logic and analytical thinking, which makes them attractive to potential partners. They have a natural ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently, making them invaluable in many situations. Their practical and logical nature often yields sound advice that can help guide partners through difficult decisions or challenges.

Their tendency to be organized and methodical is another attractive trait that can be helpful when it comes to planning out projects or activities. They are also typically reliable and responsible, which makes them dependable in relationships.

Virgo men are known for their strong sense of humor and wit. This charming character trait can help keep things light-hearted during tough times and can make for great conversations. They are usually observant, which gives them an advantage when it comes to understanding what others around them are thinking or feeling.

They are also often passionate and romantic and tend to be caring and considerate partners who will go out of their way to make sure their loved one is happy. This can reinforce feelings of security and connection in a relationship which is very attractive. Overall, Virgos make great partners thanks to their strong combination of analytical thinking, organization, wit, and romance.

Signs a Virgo Man is Flirting

Body Language

A Virgo man will use body language to show his interest. He may make eye contact with you at a prolonged period of time, point his feet in your direction or lean in when he is talking to you. These are all signs that he is interested and flirting with you.

Intense Eye Contact

When a Virgo man is flirting with you, he will make eye contact and hold your gaze for a few seconds longer than normal. He might even break away from the conversation just to look into your eyes for a few moments. This intense eye contact shows that he is drawn to you and is interested in what you have to say.

Physical Touch

A Virgo man will use physical touch to flirt with you. He might lightly brush against your arm or shoulder when passing by, give you a hug for no reason, or place his hand on the small of your back as he guides you through a crowded room. These small gestures show that he is drawn to you and wants to make contact.

Physical Touch


When a Virgo man is flirting, he will offer sincere compliments about your appearance, personality or abilities. He may even go out of his way to tell you how much he appreciates something about you. If he is complimenting you with genuine enthusiasm, it’s a clear sign that he is flirting.

Thoughtful Gestures

A Virgo man will be thoughtful when it comes to flirting. He might offer to carry something for you or open the door for you. These gestures show that he wants to take care of you and make you feel special.

Joking Behavior

A Virgo man will use a playful sense of humor to flirt with you. He might tease you in a lighthearted way or tell anecdotes that show him in an amusing light. This joking behavior is a sign that he is attracted to you and wants to make you laugh.

Tips for Flirting with a Virgo Man

Show Interest

Flirting with a Virgo man should begin by showing genuine interest in him and the things he likes. Ask him about his hobbies or what he does for work; ask questions that will make it clear you’re interested in learning more about who he is. Take time to listen attentively when he speaks, and don’t be afraid to share details about yourself as well.

Keep it Subtle

When flirting with a Virgo man, subtlety is key. This sign appreciates intelligence over most else, so use your wit to make him laugh or smile. Gently tease him in good fun; Virgos love playful banter.

Appreciate His Mind

Virgo men are analytical thinkers who put a lot of stock into intellectual conversations. When flirting with one, don’t be afraid to challenge his ideas or engage him in thoughtful dialogue. This will show him that you appreciate the depth of his mind and can stand up to his analytical prowess.

Make Eye Contact

Virgos are naturally observant and will immediately pick up if you’re not making eye contact with them. When flirting, make sure to lock eyes with him when conversing; this shows your level of confidence and interest in the conversation at hand.

Show Affection

Though Virgo men can be very guarded at first, they do appreciate physical affection when they’re comfortable with someone. Quick hugs or gentle touches will show him that you’re interested in him and want to build a deeper connection.

Strategies Virgo Men Use To Keep The Spark Alive

Plan Romantic Getaways

Virgo men are very detail-oriented and enjoy the planning process of a romantic getaway. They will research and select the perfect destination, book flights or accommodations, pick up souvenirs for their partners, and be sure to have all of the little details covered so that it is a memorable experience.

Surprise With Gifts

Virgo men love to surprise their partners with meaningful gifts. They may take the time to select something special that has a unique meaning behind it, or they will craft something themselves if they have the skills and resources. Either way, they will make sure that their partner feels cherished and appreciated with these thoughtful gestures of love.

Set Goals Together

Virgo men understand the importance of setting goals together in order to stay connected and ensure that both partners are on the same page about where they would like their relationship to go. Whether it’s a joint savings goal, a travel plan, or even something as simple as taking up a new hobby together, they will be sure to take the time to discuss and plan out these goals.

Connect With Each Other’s Interests

Virgo men understand that relationships are a two-way street and that their partners have interests of their own, so they make an effort to stay involved with them. They may help support their partner in their endeavors, join in activities that they both enjoy, or even take up a new activity that only one of them has an interest in.

Make Time for Physical Intimacy

Virgo men understand the importance of physical intimacy and will make sure to schedule it into their calendars so as not to let it fall by the wayside. To make it more special, they will try to incorporate their partner’s favorite activities into their intimate time so that it is more enjoyable for both of them.

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Affirm Each Other

Virgo men are very complimentary of their partners and enjoy affirming them with words of encouragement or affection. They will take the time to let their partners know how much they are appreciated and how valuable they are to the relationship. This positive reinforcement makes Virgo men great at keeping the spark alive in their relationships.


What is the flirting style of Virgo man?

The flirting style of a Virgo man is often subtle and understated. He tends to be reserved and careful in his interactions, rarely revealing too much about himself or his feelings. Instead, he will use body language and quiet conversations to show interest in someone. He typically prefers one-on-one conversations with someone he finds attractive rather than engaging in public displays of affection. He may be shy and hesitant when it comes to expressing his feelings, but he is usually incredibly attentive and will listen intently to whatever the other person has to say. In short, Virgo men tend to use charm and subtlety to flirt rather than overt advances or grand gestures.

What Virgo man finds attractive in a woman?

A Virgo man is attracted to a woman who is independent and self-assured. He enjoys being around someone who is confident without being overbearing, and values intelligence and wit more than overt flirtation or traditional “feminine” qualities. A Virgo man also appreciates a woman who can be emotionally open with him, as he is often hesitant to display his own emotions. He also looks for someone who shares similar values and beliefs, and is kind, sincere, and hardworking.

What arouses a Virgo man?

A Virgo man is aroused by a woman who is intelligent, sincere, and ambitious. He loves to be around someone who can engage him in stimulating conversation and challenge him intellectually. A Virgo man also enjoys being with someone who has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take everything too seriously. In terms of physical attraction, he is drawn to women who have a neat and polished appearance, as well as an air of femininity that is both refined and sexy.

What turns off Virgo man?

Virgo men are easily turned off by someone who is careless, impulsive, or overly emotional. They are also put off by someone who is rude or thoughtless, and by anyone who lacks ambition or maturity. Virgo men can be put off by someone who makes grand promises that they don’t follow through on, as this implies a lack of trustworthiness.

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